Who will you read about today?

Join Dr Tamar Gutnick as she investigates what tortoises remember, and how they learn. She’s already got help from her friend Timmy the Tortoise, but she needs you too!

Dr Xiaogang Qu and his research team want to design a new plaster, that can change colour if it detects bad bacteria. Will he succeed? Find out here!

A tragic accident prevented Professor Hugh Herr from becoming a rock climber when he was young, but his job as a physicist has got him more invested in the sport than ever! Read on to find out how.

Dr Gioia Massa is a biologist, but she works for NASA, who send people into space! Read on to find out how her work is helping astronauts get their greens.

Dr Nizar Ibrahim has found a fossil of an ancient giant: the dinosaur Spinosaurus. What secrets can he learn from its fossilised bones? Read on to find out!

Join Dr Maya Warren as she tries to work out which brand of vanilla ice cream is the best! Learn about properties, states of matter, and of course ice cream making, in this tasty tale.

A kayaker made of paper is holding a long metal pole. They are in a river. In the background, a penguin can be seen, running past an icy mountain.

Karmenka is a Doctor of Maths, but she always wanted to work outdoors! Read on to find out how she combined her love for maths with her passionate determination to save glaciers.

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