Research Champions, and the stories within it, have been produced as part of a Science Communication Masters project conducted by me – Annabel Lever. I’m a postgraduate student from the University of Sheffield, supervised by Dr Nicola Hemmings.

I am hoping to use the project to evaluate whether storytelling is an effective way of teaching science. As a result, it’s not enough to simply produce the stories – I need to know what you, the reader, thinks of them.

This is why I am asking for each reader to take two minutes of their time to fill in a short feedback survey. Each story has its own survey, and which can be completed by any adult. Whether you’re a parent, teacher, or just here to enjoy the stories, I’d love to hear your thoughts.

The results from the survey will do more than just provide me with information on how effective the stories were – I will also use them to develop the project further, to produce new and better resources in the future.

Feedback surveys can be found at the end of each story, but I’ve also collated them here:

The Truth about Tortoises – Feedback

Bacteria-banishing bandages – Feedback

The Power of Prostheses– Feedback

Plants in Space – Feedback

Spinosaurus: a dinosaur like no other – Feedback

Ice Cream Chemistry – Feedback

Glorious Glaciers – Feedback

If you’d like to give additional feedback, or have any issues with completing the survey, you can contact me directly at

Thank you very much for your contribution – it really is deeply appreciated.

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